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Looking for Puerto Rico homes for sale? Experience living part- or full-time in a tropical paradise.

If you’ve always dreamed of a tranquil, tropical lifestyle, your dream can become a reality in Puerto Rico! Besides the stunning natural beauty and glorious climate, there are other reasons to consider moving to this Isle of Enchantment.

Let’s talk about those huge tax incentives! To attract wealthy individuals and businesses to the island, the local government has enacted Act 60, which drastically cuts the amount of taxes individuals and business owners are required to pay.

On top of this, Puerto Rico offers a lower cost of living than many places on mainland America. According to 2016 figures compiled by, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is roughly 11% lower than most U.S. cities. And, while some real estate prices along the coveted coastlines can be relatively high, the property taxes are comparatively low.

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In Puerto Rico life here feels very familiar. While Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken. Local currency is the U.S. dollar, your Medicare card works here, and you’ll also be able to shop at many of the same chain stores and find the same name brands you’ve grown to love “back home.” Love Starbucks? San Juan alone has 10 of them!

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Finding the right homes for sale in the San Juan area doesn’t have to be a challenge. We can help you find your dream home in Dorado, where luxury homes and neighborhoods are plentiful. We also have a number of homes for sale in Condado, a fashionable and upscale area. Homes for sale in Old San Juan include historic homes with a rich history. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Palmas del Mar, you’ll find resort-style living and breathtaking golf course and beach views.

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